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Questions about Alleviate?

Q: Is a bookkeeper the same as an accountant?

A: It is a common misconception that bookkeepers perform the same task as an accountant. A bookkeeper is responsible for the day-to-day management of your financial information such as; reconciling your bank statements, creating and sending invoices, and many other daily tasks.

Having a bookkeeper perform these tasks ensures quality and accurate information is passed on to your accountant. Your accountant will use this information collated by Alleviate to provide advisory services such as:

  • Analysing company financial data

  • Prepare your income tax return

  • Provide tax planning advice

Q: Shouldn’t I use a bookkeeper that is local?

A: Technology provides the solution to this frequently asked question. With our diverse range of software partners, Alleviate makes it easier to work with clients from all over New Zealand. Our systems are set up to allow our team to operate from anywhere.


Q: What is your preferred Cloud Based software partner.

A: At Alleviate we are Platinum Xero Partners, and it is our preferred software of choice. Xero collates all your financial information into one easy to use place. Our team are Xero experts and can provide you and your staff with continuous training and support.

However, if you are running other applications such as MYOB or QuickBooks our staff have all got the necessary experience to work with the software you have.

What you should care about
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Why we are important

Ensure that you are paid on time

Making sure that you pay on time

Improve good cash flow management


Our Foundation

Leaders in admin and back office support

We understand what our customers want

A diverse  businesses experience

Focused on our clients


The Result

Ease your paper work

More hands on with your business

Free up more free time in your life

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